Mistralvan 2240 portable air conditioner: ideal for motorhomes

Are you looking for a good portable air conditioner to install in your RV?

You don’t want to suffer the heat anymore and you want an air conditioner that can cool the interior properly?

And maybe an air conditioner that is easy to install and not too noisy either?

Well, you’ve just found the model for you, which is the Mistralvan 2240 portable air conditioner. As you will find out from this review, this is one of the most popular RV air conditioners on the market because of some advantageous features.

Laminox Mistralvan 2240

Laminox Mistralvan 2240

  • Air conditioner for campers and caravans.

Mistralvan 2240: No holes required for installation!

With some portable air conditioners you need to drill holes in order to install them. This is often a necessary solution, but certainly not the most popular. Since we would like to do everything but drill such holes. But with the Mistralvan 2240 this will no longer be the case because we are talking about a split air conditioner that comes with mounting brackets with grommets. As a result, no drilling is necessary and the installation can be done by anyone (you certainly don’t need an expert).
It is recommended to attach the external condenser only when you are stationary. When driving, it should be placed inside the car to avoid unpleasant accidents.
Let’s now move on to all the other features that distinguish the Mistralvan 2240 portable air conditioner:

  • Power of 2559 btu.
  • Energy consumption of 375 watts.
  • Noise level of 48 db: at night, the slight noise might bother those who just can’t tolerate any night disturbance, but we can reassure you that the Mistralvan is not too noisy. You will certainly appreciate resting in a cold environment more than in one that is too hot.
  • Air flow rate. 330 mc/h.
  • 4 levels of cooling.
  • Dimensions: outdoor unit 44 x 38 x 20 cm – indoor unit 39.5 x 36 x 18.5 cm.
  • Length and thickness of the pipe: 100 cm – 10 mm.
  • Timer: you can regulate the operation of the Mistralvan 2240 portable air conditioner up to a maximum of 7.5 hours (minimum 0.5 hours).
  • Double fan.
  • Easy to use: this is simplified by the intuitive lcd display.
  • Everything you need is included.

Laminox Mistralvan 2240 portable air conditioner: opinions

To whom do we recommend the purchase of portable air conditioner Mistralvan 2240 and why?

We recommend the purchase to those who own a motorhome and the reasons that lead us to recommend it are mainly two: you do not have to make any holes for the installation of the air conditioner Laminox and the dimensions of the Mistralvan 2240 are not at all excessive. So, there won’t be a problem when it comes to the interior placement of the air conditioner. You will also be able to find space for storage when you no longer need to use it.
These are the main reasons that make us appreciate this portable air conditioner for motorhomes compared to others. And those who have already bought it have been impressed in a positive way[as you can see here].

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