Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8: power of 8000 btu

In this review we’re going to look at the Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 portable air conditioner. Maybe you’ve already seen that there’s another model on the market that boasts an entirely similar name, except for the lack of the final 8. And maybe you’re also wondering:
But what’s the difference between Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact and the Compact 8 version?
There are only two differences, one of a technical nature and one of an economic nature.
Which is?
Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 boasts a power of 8000 btu (which makes it suitable for rooms of up to 25 square metres) while the “only” Compact model has a higher power (9000 btu, therefore suitable for larger rooms).

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8

  • Cooling capacity: 8,000 BTU/h ( 35°C/80%Ur )
  • Quiet portable air conditioner, with only 49 dB(A) sound pressure and 63 dB(A) sound power
  • Operation modes: cooling, fan, dehumidifier, sleep, auto, turbo
  • Multi-function remote control, programmable power on and off with the integrated timer
  • Flexible hose: 1500 x 150 mm

Olimpia Dolceclima Compact 8: air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier!

With Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 you will not only buy a portable air conditioner, but also a fan and a dehumidifier. It will be a bit like having three appliances in one. And as for the ventilation function, you can adjust it up to three speeds. The dehumidification capacity, on the other hand, is 1 l/h. Condensation in this case must be collected with a basin of water, while in air conditioning mode it is automatically disposed of.

You can switch between these functions either by interacting with the control panel or the remote control, so you don’t even have to get out of bed or the sofa to reach the unit. Various settings are easy to read thanks to the LCD display.
Consumption is also a strong point of this product, since the estimated consumption is about 800 w/h (the portable air conditioner Olimpia belongs to energy class A).
And to evaluate all the other features of the Dolceclima Compact 8 you can read the list below.

  • Timer h12: to set the operating time of the portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 (up to 12 hours).
  • Handles and wheels.
  • Refrigerant gas used: R410A.
  • Noise level 63 db: even using the sleep mode, the Olimpia Dolceclima Compact 8 air conditioner is still a bit too noisy. Not suitable for the night.
  • Auto function: the portable air conditioner automatically manages the cold in the house.
  • Turbo function: maximum cooling speed.
  • Elegant and compact design: Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 measures 345 x 355 x 703 mm (WxDxH).
  • Weight 23.2 kg.

Portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8: price and opinions

What is our final opinion on the portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 and why do we prefer it to other models?

Our opinion is positive (except for a sleep mode that is not very satisfactory) because as an air conditioner it fully does its duty (the air coming out of the unit is really cold). Moreover, we find it a very elegant and space-saving air conditioner (compared to models that require much more space).
This is our opinion, but if you click here you can find out the other reviews on this portable air conditioner and you can also review how much it costs and if it’s still available today.

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