Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact: slim and elegant design

Are you looking for a portable air conditioner that doesn’t take up a lot of space?

That is also stylish so you can put it in every home environment?

Certainly Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact has these characteristics. As you can already see from the picture on the left, the total white design (except for the control panel) makes this air conditioner really nice even just to look at. It certainly won’t be the classic “eyesore”, on the contrary it can easily be defined as an elegant piece of furniture. Furthermore, in spite of other portable air conditioners, it doesn’t take up too much space, as it measures 345 x 355 x 703 mm (width, depth and height respectively). Therefore, its elongated shape saves floor space.

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact

  • Cooling capacity: 9,000 BTU/h
  • Silent compact air conditioner, with only 49 dB(A) sound pressure level
  • Condensate drain with pipe, without tank.
    Practical pivoting wheels.
  • Operating modes: cooling, fan, dehumidifier, sleep, automatic, turbo.
  • Multifunctional remote control and touch display,
    Programmable switch-on and switch-off with integrated timer.

Olimpia Dolceclima Compact: remote management!

Are you resting in bed, but it’s time to turn off the portable air conditioner?

Only you don’t want to “abandon” the soft mattress?

You don’t have to get up, thanks to the remote control (already available) you can adjust the settings of Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact without having to interact with the control panel placed on the unit.

Still not abandoning the example just given (i.e. not wanting to get out of bed to go and turn off the air conditioner) we can also specify that there would be no need to use the remote control, just set the timer 12h. Thanks to this function the Olimpia Dolceclima Compact will turn off automatically (as you set it) so you won’t have to interact with the unit in any way (neither from a distance nor in close proximity).
What other features does this portable air conditioner by Olimpia Splendid offer?
We will discover the other features below:

  • Side handles and wheels: moving the Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact portable air conditioner won’t be complicated at all.
  • Automatic condensate disposal: this in cooling mode.
  • Dehumidifier function: 1 l/h capacity.
  • Power of 9000 btu: consequently we consider Olimpia Dolceclima Compact suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters.
  • Automatic operation: thanks to the Auto function the air conditioner is able to regulate by itself the ideal cooling of the room according to the room temperature.
  • Ventilation function: there are three speeds that you can set.
  • Sleep mode: this is the defect of this Olimpia air conditioner, since there is not that much difference between the sleep mode (which should be a less noisy mode) and the normal operation of the portable air conditioner.
  • Turbo: for those who want a fast cooling of the room.
  • Noise level: 63 decibels.
  • Refrigeration Gar: R410A.
  • Energy class A (estimated consumption of 1 kw/h, this in air conditioner mode).
  • Weight: 23,2 kg.

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact portable air conditioner: price and opinion

Summing up: why do you prefer Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact to other portable air conditioners?
Because it certainly cools in an optimal way (a really icy air comes out of the portable air conditioner). In addition, it is a beautiful piece of furniture not even too bulky if we consider that it is only 345 mm wide.
The only flaw is found in the sleep mode that does not reduce the noise level too much, making this product not suitable for everyone for the night.
Interested in reviewing the price and discover all the opinions of those who have already bought and used Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact?
Then click here.

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