Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10: only 38 decibels

If you are looking for a silent packaged air conditioner, certainly the model in this review is for you. Considering that there are no portable packaged air conditioners on the market absolutely silent, at least Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10 manages to reduce the noise typical of these cooling systems. In fact, it reaches a decibel level (when the Silent mode is activated) of 38. This is a further step forward since usually even the quietest packaged air conditioners reach a level of 48 decibels.
Warning: this does not mean that at night the air conditioner does not make noise. Absolutely not, but in our opinion it is a largely bearable noise.

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10

  • Cooling capacity: 10,000 Btu/H ( 35°C/80%Ur )
  • Up to 10% quieter at minimum speed. Sound pressure level only 38 dB (A) (Declaration of test data in semi-anechoic chamber at 2 m distance, minimum pressure in ventilation only)
  • Sound power level (indoor only) (EN 12102): 61 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level (min-max): 38-48 dB(A)
  • Multifunctional remote control and touch display
  • Programmable switch-on and switch-off with integrated timer

Olimpia Dolceclima Silent 10: it even works automatically!

You don’t necessarily have to interact with the portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10 to set its operation according to the desired temperature, no, with this air conditioner you can count on the auto function.
What is it for?
Its task is to adjust the indoor comfort temperature according to the outside temperature. Therefore, just activate this function to make the Olimpia Dolceclima Silent 10 work automatically.

Among the other functions we point out Turbo, which allows you to increase the speed of the fan so as to cool the environment more quickly. Of course, it goes without saying that by activating this function there will be more noise. In addition, we add that Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10 can also be used only as a fan and as a dehumidifier.
For all the other features we invite you to read this list:

  • Wheels and practical side handles: to facilitate moving the Dolceclima Silent 10 portable air conditioner from one room to another.
  • Timer 12h: to set on and off (up to 12 hours).
  • Condensate disposal with internal tank: there is no need of a drain pipe.
  • Energy class A (energy consumption of 900 watt/h).
  • LCD display, intuitive controls and multifunctional remote control: so you can manage the settings of the Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner from both near and far.
  • Ecological gas used: R410A.
  • Capacity 10000 btu (suitable for rooms of 30 sqm).
  • The exhaust hose is included: its length is 1.5 metres, while its diameter is 120 mm.
  • Total white design: the air conditioner Dolceclima Silent 10 is also beautiful to see (beautiful furnishing accessory for those who also seek elegance).
  • Dimensions and weight: 460 x 767 x 395 mm – 29 kg.

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10: opinions and price

Our final judgement on the portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolce Clima Silent 10 is positive. We consider it a good model for three reasons in particular: the not excessive noise, the elegant total white design (which makes it perfect for any home environment) and the good cooling capacity. In addition, the value for money is also convincing[see here how much it costs and read other users’ opinions].

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