Olimpia Splendid Peler: the models and purchase and use advice

If you are not interested in a real portable air conditioner Olimpia (so you don’t need to air condition a room) but you are only interested in being refreshed by a breeze of cold air (as if you were outdoors) then the solution for you is Olimpia Splendid Peler. This Olimpia line deals with coolers which, as you know, are a kind of fan, only they can emit much cooler air. You just need to put inside the special tanks or water taken from the fridge or directly ice (we recommend the second option).
In the next paragraphs we will look at the characteristics of these evaporative coolers and also the best models.

Olimpia Splendid Peler: the best coolers

There are several Olimpia Splendid Peler evaporative coolers on the market and among the various models we have chosen three. Of these products you can immediately know their purchase price, and then evaluate (if you click on the appropriate links) also the features, as well as the opinions of users who have already bought and used them.

Olimpia Splendid Peler cooler: the features

As specified also just above, there are several Olimpia Splendid Peler coolers. You can choose between more or less advanced models, but beyond this all have in common the Silent Sistem. Which allows us to use these products at any time of day or night thanks to a fairly low noise level. Our advice, for the night, is to opt for a medium or low speed, since the maximum noise bothers a bit ‘to all. And be careful, because depending on your level of noise tolerance, you might find even the lowest speed annoying.

Therefore, it is possible to choose between several speeds, and while opting for the most powerful one , there will not be excessive consumption (depending on the model chosen, the maximum consumption is 90 watts, the minimum is 50 watts). Of course, the Olimpia Splendid Peler cooler can also be used only as a fan (just don’t insert ice).

All models are equipped with a dust filter (washable). Only the most advanced coolers, such as the Peler 4e, among the various features boasts the possibility to manage the cooler also from a distance (through the remote control) and to set the operating time(thanks to the 4h timer).

Each Peler evaporative cooler differs in design. There are models with a more compact and rectangular shape and others with a tower shape[like this one]. Some coolers even come with wheels so you can move them around easily. In any case, even if you opt for the models without wheels, moving these products is easy since they don’t weigh much.

Olimpia Peler: final opinion

Why choose Olimpia Splendid Peler coolers?

Because they are beautiful to look at, they are silent and don’t consume much energy. Moreover, some models are also quite advanced thanks to functions like the timer.
How to best use Peler coolers?
You have to use them in a well ventilated room (to avoid the accumulation of water vapor) and with ice (with cold water not all models guarantee performance worthy of a cooler).

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