OneConcept Baltic: discover features and price

The brand OneConcept stands out for having brought into the homes of its customers, a more than valid alternative to those who, unfortunately, for logistical reasons or even just economic reasons can not afford the installation of a portable air conditioner. Thanks to the evaporative cooler OneConcept Baltic you will stop suffering the heat and you can get rid of your old and antiquated fan.
Do you want to know more about the OneConcept Baltic cooler?
Just read on.
Remember though: quesito is an evaporative cooler so you should not expect the same performance as a portable or stationary electric air conditioner.

OneConcept Baltic

OneConcept Baltic

Baltic cooler: it doesn’t break the bank, it’s average!

The title may seem rather odd and might even make you think of someone who, just to be on the safe side, doesn’t take sides, but we don’t mean that at all. We refer to a simple detail. In other pages we have dealt with OnceConcept CTR 1 and OneConcept Carribeanblue (two other air coolers of this brand) which have different minimum and maximum characteristics one from the other, and OneConcept Baltic between the two is positioned in the middle. This is thanks to a tank that instead of being 4 liters or 8 liters (as in the case of the other two models of the brand) is 6 liters.
In addition, OneConcept Baltic is equipped with a timer, thanks to which it is possible to regulate its operation, but in spite of the CTR 1 it will only be possible to regulate it up to 7.5 hours, and not 9.
Having said that, we now have to discover all the other advantages of the evaporative cooler.

  • Panel with intuitive controls: adjustable also thanks to the remote control.
  • Air purification function: applicable by pressing the “Anion” button.
  • Fan function: it will be possible to regulate three different speeds, selectable with the appropriate “Speed” button.
  • Air conditioner function: selectable with the “Cool” button.
  • Mode” button: it will be possible to adjust three different ventilation settings: basic, natural (in short, a flow of air) and night. The latter is ideal for the night, given the low noise level and the automatic adjustment of the air speed.
  • Low energy consumption, in fact the power is only 65 watts.
  • Vane” button: possibility to activate thevertical and horizontal oscillation of the blades, to cool your home environment more evenly.
  • Easy to transport: thanks to the wheels and handles.
  • Dust filter and water filtering system.
  • The cable is retractable and is 1.8 metres long.
  • The dimensions of the product are 36.5 x 71 x 23 cm.
  • It weighs only 6 kg.
  • Also included are two ice containers that you can use only after putting them in the freezer.

In the price it shows itself in a positive way!

We talked about how, in some ways, compared to the models of the same brand (mentioned above and already reviewed on our site) the Baltic cooler proves to be a sort of middle ground. Even the price goes to position itself in the middle, but above all, and this is what matters most, it is not prohibitive[as you can review here].

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