OneConcept CarribeanBlue: freshness at low cost

In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the most popular products for cooling your home environment. We’re talking about the OneConcept CarribeanBlue evaporative cooler. We’ve explained it several times, but repeating it certainly doesn’t hurt: it’s a cooler also called portable air conditioner without a tube, only that the performance offered, for obvious reasons, can’t compete with those of an air conditioner since they boast a completely different operation.

OneConcept Caribbean Blue

OneConcept Caribbean Blue

  • UNIVERSAL: With the Blue Caribbean air conditioner, the summer heat is relieved with a breath of fresh air. This is made possible by the ingenious fusion of fan, air conditioner and humidifier in one device.
  • NO COMPARISON: Unlike traditional air conditioners, the Caribbean does not require installation or an exhaust pipe. You can therefore place it wherever you need it.

The CarribeanBlue brings the Caribbean to your home!

The title is very suggestive and maybe you are already imagining, that we are writing this article, after drinking three glasses of vodka on an empty stomach and now we are going around babbling pseudo reality. In truth, our title actually has a kernel of truth to it. And by bottom, we don’t mean the bottom of the glass we drank our morning vodka from, no, but we do mean that your OneConcept Carribeanblue evaporative cooler blows a really nice breeze, despite the fact that it may be tropical weather outside. In your home, you’ll enjoy a breeze, which will almost feel like you’ re in the Caribbean. We recommend that you don’t equip yourself with fins and goggles and improvise an underwater descent in your bathtub, you won’t find many fish and you’ll touch the bottom immediately.
After this free trip to the Caribbean, it’s time to evaluate all the other advantages of your Oneconcept Carribeanblue evaporative cooler.

  • 3-in-1 function: it allows you to have in one appliance a fan (by pressing the “swing” button), an air purifier and an air conditioner (by pressing the “cool” button). Everything, however, with due limitations. This is not a portable air conditioner but neither is it a fan. We could define it as the right compromise between fan and portable air conditioner.
  • It can also be used only as a fan: in this case the blades are oscillating both vertically and horizontally and three different speeds are allowed.
  • The tank holds up to 4 litres of water: so operation is guaranteed for quite a few hours before you have to empty the compartment.
  • It produces up to 40 m³ of air per hour– hence the nice breeze we were talking about earlier.
  • Easy to use– there aren’t that many buttons to press. You can’t go wrong, there are six of them and they’re all easy to understand.
  • The power is 70 watts: so energy consumption is really minimal.
  • Two small bottles of ice are included in the package: the ice, as explained on the “cooler” page, increases the performance of your OneConcept evaporative cooler.
  • Equipped with wheels and handle for easy transport: after all, it weighs only 4.6 kg.
  • It is not bulky: it measures just 25 x 55 x 28 cm.

Enjoy a refreshing breeze without leaving the house!

No exhaust pipes and the ability to place it wherever you like. The OneConcept Carribean Blue evaporative cooler is the perfect alternative for those who cannot afford or do not feel the need for a powerful appliance such as a portable or stationary air conditioner.
The low costs are an additional incentive and, at this point, making a decision is no longer so difficult.
Why not enjoy the refreshing breeze produced by your OneConcept Carribeanblue to face the scorching heat? It’s inexpensive and cools your day[find out if it’s still available here].

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