OneConcept CTR 1: no pipes and no holes in the window

Let’s dive into the world of the evaporative cooler, the perfect alternative for those looking for an appliance that doesn’t have a hose. Since, as repeatedly stated on our site, the portable tube-less air conditioner doesn’t really exist, as the correct term is cooler. The only home appliance that really does not have any pipes.
And on this page, specifically, we want to talk to you about the OneConcept CTR 1 cooler. An innovative product that is winning over many consumers for its ease of use, but also for its effectiveness in combating the heat.
So, we would say that there is no need to waste any more time. Let’s get to know better the OneConcept CTR 1 evaporative cooler.

Oneconcept CTR-1 V2

Oneconcept CTR-1 V2

  • ADJUSTABLE POWER ACCORDING TO REQUIREMENTS: Depending on the climatic conditions or the size of the room to be cooled, the device allows you to select between three different power levels and three operating modes, for an individual use and adaptable to the needs
  • TO BREATHE PURE AIR: Its purifying function greatly improves the quality of the air in the room, while its cooling function, combined with that of fan, cools it thanks to the 8-litre tank and the fan that evaporates water or ice.

CTR-1 OneConcept: it’s got a big one…

The tank! Your OneConcept CTR 1 has a tank that can hold up to 8 litres of water. As you know, the more water it contains, the more you will be able to use your evaporative cooler continuously, without having to fill the tank over and over again in a day. Therefore, a use that lasts for many hours, considering that its consumption is approximately one liter of water per hour. This value will increase or decrease depending on whether we use it at full power or not.
And now let’s see together what are all the other features of the OneConcept CTR 1:

  • There are 7 controls and they are all easy to understand: by pressing the “mode” button, you will be able to select three different settings, including the night function. By doing so, your OneConcept CTR 1 will manage in the most appropriate way possible, the output speed of the cold air. Noise will also not disturb your sleep. The other two ventilation settings are: classic and natural (more related to a flow of air that will invade your room). This last mode will be easily recognizable, as well as by the different air emission, also thanks to the tree-shaped light.
  • Possibility of activating the air conditioner function (with the special “cool” button).
  • Dehumidifier function available: to eliminate humidity from your home environment.
  • Available the fan function: it is possible to adjust three power levels, with the special “speed” button.
  • Available the air ionization function: to activate it just press the appropriate “Anion” button.
  • Adjustable timer up to 9 hours: You can decide when your OneConcept CTR 1 evaporative cooler should switch on or off. Of course, the maximum limit is 9 hours.
  • Included in the purchase package: two ice bags. These are only to be used for the air conditioner mode, not for the others.
  • A remote control is also available for remote control.
  • The power is only 65 watts: energy waste will be a distant relative for you.
  • Vertical and horizontal slat oscillation for even faster and more even cooling. Activated by the “vane” control
  • The cable is 1.5 metres long.
  • Wheels and comfortable handles for easy transport – after all, the OneConcept CTR 1 evaporative cooler weighs only 7 kg.
  • Dimensions of 38.8 x 81.5 x 29.5 cm.
  • For additional energy savings, all lights can be switched off with the “dim” control.

But the price is small!

Big tank, small price. It cools the room and combines other important functions (ionizer, fan and dehumidifier) all in one product. For these reasons, this product by OneConcept is really an evaporative cooler that gives a lot without “expecting” a large financial outlay either before purchase or during use (since, as written, does not cost much and consumes little). In short, in our opinion (and not only), it boasts an excellent quality/price ratio[check here the availability]. A purchase you won’t regret (just use it in an appropriate way and don’t expect from it typical air conditioner performances).

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