OneConcept portable air conditioner: model reviews and features

Let’s talk now about a company that is not very well known, but that is becoming very appreciated by users especially for a quality / price ratio really attractive. Let’s talk about the economical portable air conditioner OneConcept.
Just specify right away that it is not the classic air conditioner, but it is a cool er that thanks to the evaporation of water or ice can cool the environment.

Best OneConcept coolers: reviews

You already know all about air coolers, so you’re just interested in finding out what the best One Concept models are?

Then, all you have to do is continue reading and find out which are the best OneConcept portable air conditioners (we still call them portable air conditioners for the simple reason that they are better known by this term but, as specified, they are actually evaporative coolers.

Evaporative cooler OneConcept: the characteristics

We explained it before, we repeat it now. You are not faced with the classic portable air conditioner. This appliance combines the effectiveness of an air conditioner with that of a fan without the need to have any exhaust pipe. The process of cooling the air is done through the evaporation of water or ice, through a panel that becomes moist when it comes into contact with the liquid. Then it’s up to the fans to speed up the evaporation process.

The average consumption is one liter of water per hour. For this reason it would also be good to evaluate how many litres of water fit in a tray.
These special coolers, allow up to four modes: air conditioner, fan, dehumidifier and air purifier. The air cooler is also equipped with a timer function, so that you can program your appliance to turn on or off at your convenience.

It works with water and with ice. With the latter, you can achieve a higher cooling power. Of course, the evaporative cooler is equipped with a water filtering system. You can see how high the water level is by means of the water level indicator.
Simple and fast management thanks to a display with intuitive controls and also thanks to a convenient remote control.

In addition, these coolers have three power levels and you can decide when to use the maximum power. However, we are talking about powers that are not comparable to those of a real portable air conditioner, but this favors a not inconsiderable energy savings. For example, the Oneconcept MCH-2[discover it here] boasts a maximum consumption of only 65 watts.
There is also a sleep function for use even at night, thanks to the automatic management of speed and a low noise level.

OneConcept: innovative portable air conditioner

What OneConcept offers is not the usual portable air conditioner. We have said it many times, but it is right that this concept is fully absorbed. The One Concept cooler does not have the same cooling power as a real portable air conditioner. So it’s ideal for those who can’t or don’t feel the need for a portable air conditioner, just a “really powerful fan”.
It certainly has one quality that should not be underestimated: it has no exhaust pipe. So, you’ll be able to put it wherever you want. Not to mention, it’s significantly less expensive and more affordable[as you can see here] than a fixed or portable air conditioner.

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