Pac 2010 S Trotec: the air conditioner with integrated thermostat

Do you want a portable air conditioner that works automatically?

That can adjust the level of cooling and ventilation based on the temperature in the room? So you can also benefit from it in terms of electricity consumption?

The Trotec Pac 2010 S can save you money and maintain the right level of comfort. The portable air conditioner is already preset at a temperature of 24°C, so as long as the temperature in the room is 24° or higher, it will adjust the cooling level according to that goal. If, on the other hand, the temperature drops below 24°, then only ventilation will be activated. This leads us right away to add how the Trotec Pac 410 S is not only an air conditioner, but also a fan.

Trotec Pac 2010 S

Trotec Pac 2010 S

  • Cooling capacity: max. 2.0 kW / 7,000 BTUs
  • Suitable for rooms up to 65 m³
  • Air volume: max. 230 m³ / h
  • Power: max. 0.75 kW
  • Three operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification

Trotec Pac 2010 S: Homogeneous cooling!

We have seen how the Trotec Pac 2010 S is able to regulate the level of cooling according to the temperature in the room in which we install it. However, if the fins were fixed, the airflow would be distributed unevenly. Trotec wants to avoid this and does so with the ability to adjust the direction of the air discharge.

Further convenience is provided by the fact that you can also adjust the various settings of the portable air conditioner through the infrared remote control that you will find already in the purchase package. Of course, in addition to remote control, you can also adjust the settings by interacting with the appliance’s control panel. And if you want to know even more about the Trotec Pac 2010 S you can check out this list:

  • 24-hour timer: so you can set the running time of your Trotec air conditioner and choose how long it should stay on.
  • Intelligent Recycling System: This will allow you to empty the condensate container less often, as the condensate also serves to cool the condenser (so some of it is evaporated).
  • Energy class A.
  • Consumption estimated at 0.8 kWh/h.
  • Noise level 65 db: The Trotec Pac 2010 S is not recommended for use in the bedroom, even if you were to activate the night mode it would still make some noise.
  • 7000 btu (2 kw).
  • Easy access air filters and also simple to clean.
  • Self-diagnosis: automatically detects any anomalies.
  • Also dehumidifier: power of 1 l/h.
  • Maximum air flow: 230 mc/h.
  • Dimensions and weight: 310 x 310 x 640 mm – 21 kg (it is not light but it is still easy to move thanks to the rollers).
  • Hose length: 1, 50 m (diameter 150 mm).

Trotec Pac 2010 S portable air conditioner: price and final opinion

Would you recommend buying the Trotec Pac 2010 S portable air conditioner?

Yes, as long as you use it in rooms no larger than 20 sqm. Maximum 25 sqm but in a well insulated place.
Why do we recommend it?
Because thanks to the integrated thermostat and automatic operation it avoids excessive waste of electricity and provides the right comfort in the home. In addition, thanks to the 24-hour timer, you choose the hours it should remain on. And with the intelligent condensate recycling system, you’ll need to empty the condensate container less often than with a conventional air conditioner.
In addition to all these advantages, Trotec sells its products at very competitive prices. Another reason why we recommend the Trotec Pac 2010 S[find out if it is still available here].

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