Pac 4100 E Trotec: powerful, well 14000 btu

Are you looking for a powerful portable air conditioner?

Capable of heating a 40 sq. ft. room?

The Trotec Pac 4100 E is the air conditioner you are looking for. One of the most powerful on the market thanks to its 14000 btu (4.1 kw). Of course it consumes more than less powerful models, but we must point out that it is a class A air conditioner. So, even on the front of energy saving you have an advantage. The estimated consumption is 1.6 kWh/h.
We will discover all the other features that distinguish the Trotec Pac 4100 E in the course of the review, but immediately below you can see the price.

Trotec PAC 4100 E

Trotec PAC 4100 E

  • Three operating modes: Cooling, dehumidification, ventilation
  • Low power consumption, Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Max. cooling capacity of 4.1 kW
  • Timer function (energy saving function)
  • Soft key display

Trotec Pac 4100 E: Everything designed to save you money!

High power also means higher consumption, but with the Trotec Pac 4100 E you can reduce your costs because you can decide in advance how many hours it should be on. So there’s no risk of forgetting to turn it off or leaving it on for longer than necessary. This is because the air conditioner is equipped with a 24h timer.
You can also save money by using it as a fan, as you will have the possibility to select the speed level between low, medium and high. If you don’t need the maximum ventilation, just use the minimum to further reduce consumption.

In addition, to help you understand the presence of any anomalies, the Trotec air conditioner boasts an effective self-diagnostic system that allows you to view the exact location of the problem on the LED display. This way, if possible, you can intervene immediately and fix the problem.
Having specified these advantages, let’s now discover all the other features:

  • Automatic function: through which the Trotec Pac 4100 E creates a climate of total well-being by properly regulating cooling and ventilation in order to maintain or reach a temperature of 24°C (fixed parameter).
  • Integrated thermostat: allows you to measure the temperature in the room.
  • Also dehumidifier: power of 1.6 l/h.
  • Remote controls: thanks to the remote control you can manage the Pac 4100 E Trotec without necessarily having to interact with the control panel.
  • Antibacterial filter: for purer air (the filter itself can be easily washed).
  • Night mode: although the noise is somewhat limited, we are still on levels that do not guarantee everyone an excellent rest. So, if you are sensitive to “night noise”, better leave it alone.
  • Decibel level: 65.
  • Air flow rate: 500 mc/h.
  • Dimensions: 418 x 475 x 790 mm – 28.5 kg.
  • Transport rollers: make it easy to move the portable air conditioner.
  • Swing mode: for even air distribution.

Trotec Pac 4100 E portable air conditioner: price and final opinion

The Trotec Pac 4100 E is not an air conditioner for everyone. This is already evident from its maximum power of 4100 watts. Consequently a product that can only be used in large rooms. We recommend using it in rooms of no more than 40 sq. m., but if the room is well insulated, then you can also opt for rooms of 50 sq. m.
Compared to 14000 btu models, we recommend the Trotec 4100 E because it also works in automatic mode in order to guarantee a comfortable climate (integrated non-adjustable thermostat) and can also be used as a dehumidifier and fan.
How would you rate the value for money?
Excellently. Considering that it is an advanced portable air conditioner of 14000 btu, the price surprises us positively .

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