Pinguino De Longhi Pac N76: triple functionality

Would you like to have a portable air conditioner that can become a dehumidifier if needed?

Then, stay with us, because now we will describe the portable air conditioner Pinguino De Longhi Pac N76. An air conditioner that, among other functions, also has that of dehumidifier, so you can have a double functionality in one tool.
Obviously, the Delonghi Pac N76 has many other features and functions that we will talk about later.

Pinguino De Longhi Pac N76

De Longhi Pac N76

  • Efficiency
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Soft Touch Control Panel
  • Delivery to street level

De Longhi Pac N76: it’s also a fan!

In the portable air conditioner Pinguino De Longhi Pac N76 there is not only the dehumidifier function, but also the fan function with three selectable speeds. So, depending on the type of use, you can opt for both the typical air conditioning and the ventilated air (of course, in the latter case we cannot expect it to be as powerful as a fan).
You’ll be able to manage the various functions without needing to get in touch with the Delonghi Pac N76 portable air conditioner, in fact through the convenient remote control you can manage it even from a distance.
The advantages don’t end only with the two functions just mentioned, as you can see from the list below. Instead, if you click here you can already see if it’s available.

  • Soft touch panel: to set the various parameters of the De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner with even greater ease and immediacy.
  • Energy class A: this means that consumption is also reduced.
  • Ecological: in fact, R410A refrigerant gas is used, which is able to respect the environment and ensure maximum comfort.
  • 12 h digital timer: to set the on/off time at your convenience.
  • Refrigeration capacity of 8200 btu.
  • The side handles and wheels ensure effective transportation without effort. The weight is 30 kg.
  • Design suitable for any environment: suitable as it is elegant and, in addition, the Pinguino Pac N76 is not too bulky either, in fact it is 44.9 cm wide, 75 cm high and with a depth of 39.5 cm.
  • Minimum noise level of 47 db.

Pinguino Pac N76: final opinion

With the portable air conditioner Pinguino De Longhi Pac N76 you will have three functions in one machine. And this makes it useful for multiple purposes, and among other features how not to mention positively the possibility of being able to manage it remotely and programming by means of the timer.
From the economic point of view we are talking about a fairly expensive product, but it is also true that if you want the best you have to spend a little more. If you want to avoid suffering the heat in summer and you want to avoid wall installations (as in the case of classic fixed air conditioners), then the portable air conditioner Pinguino is what you need.

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