Portable 12 volt air conditioner: it’s actually a cooler

Is the air conditioning not working in the car or can you simply not stay with it on all the time during the trip?

Your job consists of deliveries and between “getting in and out” you only risk to get sick with the air conditioning?

Then, in such cases the best solution is to opt for the portable 12 volt air conditioner. Although the name calls for an efficiency equal to that of an air conditioner, in this case we must specify that it is an evaporative cooler. Its objective is not to cool an entire passenger compartment or even a room, but only to bring immediate coolness to anyone who is “hit” by the cold air that can emanate.

12 Volt air conditioner: the different “typologies

The operation of a portable air conditioner 12 Volt is quite obvious, since it is connected to the cigarette lighter socket of the car or camper. And as mentioned above, it is actually an evaporative cooler. However, even simple 12-volt fans are often referred to as portable air conditioners. In short, there is some confusion. So we have decided to set the record straight by explaining in the following paragraphs, the difference between these two cooling systems.

12 volt evaporative cooler: the most refreshing solution

The 12-volt evaporative cooler needs water or ice to be placed inside it because the freshness of the air depends on these two elements. So, the cooler the water is, the cooler the air will be coming out of the 12 volt portable air conditioner. Because of this very simple operation, the cooler is more efficient than a simple fan, as the air comes out colder.
Usually, however, precisely because they are more effective, they cost more than fans[find out the price of our recommended modelhere ].

12-volt fan – the cheapest solution

The cooling effect of a fan is less than that of a cooler. Simply because there is no cold element that cools the air emanating from these devices. However, 12-volt fans prove to be cheaper and more immediate to use (no water or ice needed). So if you are more interested in buying these products, you can click here and find out the price of the model we recommend.

Air conditioner 12 Volt for car: the cooler is the best solution

As a portable car air conditioner we suggest buying evaporative coolers, as they may be a bit more elaborate to operate (as mentioned you need at least cold water), but in principle if water or ice is not available, you can still use them as fans. So, it’s like having two products in one.
In the case of RV use, if you’re only looking for a cooling method that doesn’t air condition the whole cabin, then the best solution is still the evaporative cooler. If, however, you are looking for a system that will make the entire interior cool permanently, well then you have no choice but to opt for a portable motorhome air conditioner.

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