Portable air conditioner class A: purchase advices

Opting for a class A portable air conditioner certainly means looking for an appliance that consumes less power than a class B model would. Of course, there are higher class models on the market, such as AA (A+) portable air conditioners and AAA (A++) portable air conditioners. While the absolute lowest consuming appliances are the A++. Buying an A+ (or higher) class model means spending more than buying an A class air conditioner (with the same features).
Having said this, in the following sub-sections we would like to recommend some excellent A class monoblock air conditioners.

Class A portable air conditioner for rooms up to 20 m²: we recommend the New Breeze 7

If your ultimate goal is to cool a room of up to 20 square meters, then we can only recommend the purchase of the Klarstein New Breeze 7. Monoblock air conditioner that convinced us at first glance because of a really nice design (pure white with silver trim). It also convinced us in the operation because this portable air conditioner class A allows the operator to adjust the temperature. That is, set a value between 17 ° and 30 ° and the air conditioner is able to maintain this level in the room.

Moreover, it is not just a one-piece air conditioner, but it can also be used to ventilate the room, just as a normal fan would do, and also to dehumidify it (Dry mode).
And if you want to know more about this air conditioner we invite you to read the full review by clicking on the link Klarstein New Breeze 7.
Attention: there is also a similar model to this one, only more powerful, namely the Breeze 9 that is suitable for rooms up to 30 square meters.

Class A portable air conditioner for rooms up to 25 m²: we recommend the Compact 8

To cool rooms slightly larger than 20 square meters, our advice is to lean towards the purchase of Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8. As you can already guess from the name of this class A portable air conditioner, it is a model with a compact design(it measures 345 x 355 x 703 mm). The estimated consumption is about 800 w/h and it is suitable to be used both as a fan and as a dehumidifier.
Other advantages include the possibility of programming on/off by means of a 12-hour timer and the possibility of making it work automatically to better manage the cold in the home.
And if you want to know more click on Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8.

Portable air conditioner class A for rooms up to 30 square meters: we recommend Electrolux exp26u338cw

Among the class A air conditioners suitable for rooms up to 30 square meters we chose Electrolux exp26u338cw. Portable air conditioner also equipped with functions such as timer, dehumidifier and fan. But in spite of the products mentioned above we are talking about a more powerful model (10800 btu) that uses a gas that has a 99.8% lower impact than the classic R410A refrigerant. So, not only does it cool larger rooms (up to 30 sqm) but it is also more environmentally friendly.
And if you are interested in this appliance, click on Electrolux exp26u338cw portable air conditioner to read its review and find out the price.

Portable air conditioner class A for rooms up to 35 sqm: we recommend Silent 12

In this case we recommend the purchase of portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 12. The substantial difference compared to the models mentioned so far lies mainly in the cooling capacity, since thanks to its 12000 btu is able to adequately cool rooms of 35 square meters.
Appliance from the Silent range and we can certainly say that it is less noisy than the classic packaged air conditioners, but do not expect total silence. It does make some noise (and this is inevitable).

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