Portable air conditioner class AA: models and offers

In a previous article we dealt with class A models, now instead we will deal with the portable air conditioner class AA (A+). As in the previously written article, we will describe what we believe to be the best models belonging to this energy class. And even before we get to the descriptions (by the way, you can also learn more about the products by reading our reviews) we will show you some offers.

Portable air conditioner class A+ for rooms up to 25 sqm: we recommend Argo Hope

If you need to cool a room of up to 25 square metres, then our advice is to opt for the AA class portable air conditioner Argo Hope. 8000 btu air conditioner that thanks to the X-Fan function is able to prevent the formation of mold and bacteria. In addition, it is an absolutely ecological appliance, since it uses the R32 gas and not the R410A refrigerant. This means, precisely, that it is an air conditioner that has less impact on the environment.
We personally also really liked it aesthetically and to view its physical layout, price and further features, we invite you to read our entire review. To do so click on Argo Hope.

Portable air conditioner class A+ for rooms up to 30 sqm: we recommend Pac AN112

To make less hot rooms up to 30 square meters, the advice is to opt for the air conditioner De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent. This appliance is equipped with a new technology that makes your environment even more comfortable by reducing humidity and temperature. And it indicates through leds when the level of comfort in the room has been reached. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly portable air conditioner, since it also does not use the gas R410A, but uses the refrigerant R290 which has a lower impact of 99.8%. Model that you can also program thanks to the 24-hour timer.
Interested in knowing everything about this product?
Then we invite you to click on Pinguino Pac AN112 Silent and read our review.

Portable air conditioner hot-cold class A+ for rooms up to 30 sqm: we recommend Electrolux Exp26U538Hw

This last portable air conditioner class AA is also suitable for cooling rooms of up to 30 square meters. But the substantial difference that distinguishes it from the De Longhi model we described above, is the possibility to use it also for heating. The model we are talking about is Electrolux Exp26U538Hw
Be careful, however: in heating mode the portable air conditioner boasts a power of 7848 btu and this would make it suitable for heating rooms of about 20 or at most 25 square meters. While, in cooling mode, the air conditioner is more powerful and thanks to its 10335 btu can cool rooms of up to 30 square meters.
The difference between these two modes is also on the front “energy class” because, using Electrolux Exp26U538Hw to heat, the energy class is A++. If instead we use it to cool, the energy class is A+.

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