Portable air conditioner for car: offers, models and details

Are you looking for a portable car air conditioner that can, in part, make up for the lack of air conditioning and give you some refreshment while you’re in the car?

Then, this article will come in handy as we have selected the best 12 volt portable car air conditioner.
Let’s start with a premise (just like we wrote in the 12 volt portable air conditioner article): these are not real air conditioners but evaporative coolers. Sometimes with this last denomination they also indicate fans, but also in this case it’s a mistake.
What are the differences between all these types ?
We’ll explain the differences later, for sure you should already know that between fan and cooler the most refreshing solution is certainly the second one.

Best portable car air conditioner

Among the best portable air conditioners for cars we point out this model (click on the link to find out in detail price and features).
Why did we choose this “air conditioner”?
Because it is a good evaporative cooler that, thanks to the insertion of ice-cold or cold water, gives a personal refreshment to those who are “hit” by its breath. The ventilation power can be adjusted (two speeds available).
Not only is it easy to use (as mentioned, just add water and plug the portable car air conditioner into the cigarette lighter socket), but it is also easy to install thanks to the adhesive strips and the non-slip mat.
Like any evaporative cooler, the freshness of the air depends on how cold the water is.

Portable car air conditioner: the fan is less effective

The 12-volt fan is also often considered a portable car air conditioner, but in this case we are dealing with a cooling effectiveness that is not only less than that of an air conditioner, but also less than that of a cooler. This is because the cooler has a better cooling capacity because it uses cold water or ice, while the fan does not use any of this. As a result the air that comes out is not really fresh.
There is one advantage to buying a car fan though, and that is that such models usually cost less[as you can see here] than coolers.

Portable car air conditioner: low prices!

In our article you have already seen some offers and you have certainly already got an idea about the cost of a portable car air conditioner, which we still call this more for convenience than anything else (as you have understood from this article it is actually an evaporative cooler). But now we want to show you the prices of all the models still available and to see them you just need to click here and visit one of the most popular selling sites.

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