Portable air conditioner for motorhomes: buying guide

When you travel in a motorhome you may feel the need to air condition the cabin and certainly one of the best solutions is the portable air conditioner. However, you also need to choose the ideal model according to certain characteristics and in our article, in addition to proposing you some offers, we will show you how to properly choose the ideal portable air conditioner for motor home.

Best “cheapest” motorhome air conditioner: Mistralvan 2240

In the field of portable air conditioners for motorhomes there is a legend, namely the Eurom AC2400. Well, of this model there is now the improved and even more expensive version (which we will describe in the next paragraph), if, however, you would like a model identical to the Eurom AC2400, then you should opt for the Mistralvan 2240.

Best motorhome air conditioner ever: Eurom ac2401

TheEurom ac2401 is the best portable air conditioner for motorhomes.
Why this model?
Because it is a portable split air conditioner that allows you to easily install the outdoor unit via the bracket structure (no screws required). In addition, it has adequate power for rooms up to 16m³. Thanks to the timer you can set it to switch on and off (up to 7.5 hours).
It is not too bulky. The indoor unit measures 39.5 x 18.5 x 36 cm, the outdoor unit: 44 x 20 x 38 cm. The connecting pipe is about one meter long.
Want to find out how much it costs?Click here.

Portable air conditioner for motorhomes: which one should I choose?

In the next sub-sections we will focus on the characteristics to evaluate before buying the portable air conditioner for camper. In this way you will be able to make a wise choice.
So, without saying too much, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

The ideal power of the portable air conditioner for motorhomes

As we wrote in our article “Calculating the necessary btu“, the first factor to consider is the power (so that you can choose the right model to cool the interior of your motorhome).
And how can you choose the ideal power?
Simple because you just have to calculate 340 by the number of square metres of the living area. The sum will give you the number of btu’s you need.
Usually a portable air conditioner of 5000 btu’s is fine for a motorhome.

Portable air conditioner for motorhomes with external unit or monoblock unit?

The main differences between a portable air conditioner with outdoor unit and a packaged air conditioner are two factors: noise and installation.
The installation of a portable split air conditioner foresees the assembly, outside the motorhome, of the unit where the compressor is located. Installation is not complicated at all, considering that models such as Eurom ac2401 (previously recommended) thanks to the special supporting structure can be hung on the windows of the caravan. With the external unit outside the caravan, there will be no major noise nuisance.

With monoblock air conditioners, on the other hand, a hole must be drilled in one of the caravan windows so that the hot air can escape through the exhaust pipe. Obviously, these are the noisiest models due to the lack of an external unit (everything is included in one unit).
Which is the best choice?
We suggest the portable air conditioner for motorhomes with external unit, since this way you won’t need to make any hole in the glass. And by opting for the model recommended above, the installation is really simplified.

Motorhome air conditioner or cooler?

Instead of portable air conditioners for caravans you can also opt for evaporative coolers. They do not require laborious installation (just plug them into the electrical outlet and put water or ice in special tanks). However, these devices only have the task of bringing a cold breeze into the passenger compartment and not the task of properly air-conditioning the room.
So, to recap: coolers should be purchased only for more immediate but not lasting comfort and not to cool the interior as you would expect from an air conditioner.

Dimensions of the portable air conditioner for motorhomes

Also evaluate the size of the unit that is to be placed inside the passenger compartment. It’s best to opt for the slimmer air conditioners that are the most compact (they take up less floor space). Carefully consider also the height (not only the width) especially for what concerns the storage. When the camper air conditioner is no longer needed, you will have to put it somewhere so that it will not be in the way (maybe the perfect place where you thought to put it is not suitable because of the excessive height of the product).

Air conditioners for motorhomes: opinions count!

As we know the portable air conditioners for motorhomes are not cheap, unfortunately, so you need to make a proper choice not to regret the purchase. And a help in this choice can also be to evaluate the opinions of other users, so as to have a clearer idea about the quality of a particular product[as you can see here].

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