Portable air conditioner from 8000 btu: the recommended models

In this article we will point out what we think are the three best 8000 btu portable air conditioners. Usually, with an air conditioner of this capacity you can cool a room of about 25 square meters. But as written several times (including in the article on calculating the btu needed to cool a particular room) this capacity also depends on the level of insulation of the room. Consequently also the exhaust pipe must be installed properly, so as not to let the hot air enter from outside.
Having said that, we can now move on to our selection.

Best portable air conditioner 8000 btu eco: Clatronic CL 3672

Among the less expensive air conditioners we mention Clatronic CL 3672. This 8000 btu portable air conditioner can also be used as a fan and dehumidifier. On and off can be set up to 24 hours (thanks to the special timer). Consumption is not excessive, since we are talking about an energy class A appliance (estimated consumption of 900 w/h).

Included with the purchase of the Clatronic CL 3672 portable air conditioner[here you can see price and availability] we find the remote control (batteries already included), the exhaust hose and the gasket for the window.
We point out that it uses the R290 refrigerant gas (not the R410 gas), consequently it proves to be a more ecological home appliance. Also for this last reason, we can not fail to evaluate as excellent value for money.

Best portable air conditioner 8000 btu with elegant design: Argo Nuk

There are not so many differences between Argo Nuk and the Clatronic portable air conditioner that we mentioned just above. Even in that case we find features such as timer and remote control management via remote control. This air conditioner is also suitable as a fan and dehumidifier and uses the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gas (R290).
So what are the differences between the two portable air conditioners?
The differences concern design and energy consumption. As far as the aesthetic aspect of the Argoclima Nuk is concerned, we must admit that, for our personal taste, this model is more beautiful and elegant than the Clatronic. This is also thanks to the white finish.
As regards consumption, on the other hand, the Argo Nuk boasts a power consumption of about 800 watts per hour.
(100 watts less than the Clatronic CL3672 monoblock air conditioner). And if you want to know the price and availability of this 8000 btu portable air conditioner, you can click here.

Best portable 8000 btu automatic air conditioner: Dolceclima Compact 8

Even with Olimpia Splendid Dolce Clima Compact 8 we are faced with a portable air conditioner from 8000 btu that can be used both as a dehumidifier and as a fan (multiple speeds selectable). Class A model, whose consumption is 800 watts per hour.
Among the various functions we mention the sleep mode and automatic mode. The latter allows the portable air conditioner to manage the coolness in your home environment (so it does this autonomously to avoid wasting energy).
We have also written an in-depth review of this Olimpia Splendid packaged air conditioner, which we invite you to read by clicking on Dolceclima Compact 8.

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