Portable air conditioner with external unit: discovering the models and the benefits

On this page we will talk about the portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit. This specific appliance, compared to models without a unit, is equipped with a condenser that must be placed outside the room, so, for example, in a balcony.
How does the portable air conditioner with outdoor unit work?
It’s very simple; you just need to install it (no technicians are needed) and then the external condenser will take care of evaporating the condensate, while the unit in your room will cool the room. Of course
the two units are connected by a pipe. This pipe will have to go through the window and later on we will see the possible methods to implement, but before that we will see the offers and benefits.

Portable split air conditioners: our buying advice

We will now move on to describe the models that we recommend you buy. Air conditioners that we have reviewed and that can be used for the camper or for the house. Of course already from the title of the sub-paragraph you can understand which is the ideal one for you according to the type of use.

Portable split air conditioner for motorhomes and caravans: we recommend the Mistralvan 2240

If you do not need to use the split air conditioner at home, but only in the caravan to spend cool nights, then we recommend the Mistralvan 2240 Laminox. Recommended model because it’s not too noisy and it’s easy to install (the appropriate kit is already included).

Portable split air conditioner for home: we recommend the Trotec Pac 4600

Among the portable split air conditioners suitable for cooling a home environment of up to 40/50 square meters, we recommend the Trotec Pac 4600. Much appreciated for its quiet operation and considerable power (14500 btu). Air conditioner that you can also use to ventilate the room or to dehumidify it, also performs self-diagnosis so you will be informed in case of malfunctions.

Portable air conditioner with external unit: what are the advantages?

You’ve understood how a portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit works and you’ve seen the models we’ve recommended. Now all you have to do is evaluate its advantages, which are no small matter. We’re sure you’ve already understood some of them, but we’ll repeat them to make sure you’re not missing anything.
Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the advantages of a portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit.

More effective and performing than a unitless model!

Since it has a separate condenser from the base unit, you can use your portable air conditioner with outdoor unit as if it were a real fixed air conditioner. Obviously, the power won’t be able to match that of the fixed unit, but it’s stillmore effective than the unitless air conditioner.

Less expensive than a fixed model!

How much would a good quality stationary air conditioner cost?
Certainly a lot of money, to which you must possibly add the installation. Therefore, a portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit will certainly cost you less money. This is no small advantage.

Less noisy than a model without a unit!

The condenser will be placed outside the room where you may want to rest. This will allow you to rest in peace without having to listen to the slightest noise caused by the external unit. So, maximum rest and relaxation. You will be able to listen to the match of your favourite team without anything disturbing, even for a moment, the voice of the commentator.

Portable air conditioners with external unit: prices that vary according to functions and usefulness

Compared to a fixed air conditioner, the price of the portable air conditioner is lower. Among the various models, the price may change depending on the features (such as the presence or absence of the timer or sleep function, and many others). In addition, there are models that can also be used in motorhomes[such as this one], so before choosing, consider what features you prefer and where you intend to use it.

Methods to pass the hose through the window

  • Drilling a hole in the glass: it is required a specialist (if you think you are not able to do it and to avoid dangerous consequences to your glass, as well as to you) and it is the most artificial and expensive method, but also the one that avoids the entrance of hot or cold air from the half-open window.
  • Leaving the window ajar: in this case, the air from outside, would enter. Although, that little bit of air that comes in, will not affect the efficiency of your portable air conditioner.
  • Use sealing sheet: make a hole in the sheet, so that the pipe can pass through. That way, you won’t have to puncture the glass and outside air won’t enter the house.

If you choose to drill the glass, you can later fill that hole either by buying a special plug or by attaching with glue a circular glass of the same diameter. If the one you took out is still ok, glue that one on, otherwise, take measurements and get another one made by a specialist.

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