Portable air conditioner with low energy consumption: the best models

Do you want to cool one or more rooms but you don’t want portable air conditioners that consume too much?

The fear of a “high” electricity bill is something we all share (unless we’re so rich that we don’t give a damn) and that’s why, when choosing an appliance, it’s good to evaluate its power.
In this article you’ll be able to choose the mostenergy-efficient portable air conditioner for you, thanks to the selection of the best models.

Portable energy efficient air conditioners: recommended models

As previously announced, we’re now going to point out the portable energy efficient air conditioners that have convinced us the most. All models we have also reviewed them in depth, so for each you can click on a special link to read all the features that distinguish it.

Portable air conditioner from 8000 btu with consumption of 800 watts: we recommend Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8

For those looking for a portable air conditioner with a capacity of 8000 btu and that still does not consume too much, our advice is to lean towards the purchase of Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8. Model equipped with several functions(sleep, auto, timer) that guarantee an easy use.
Portable air conditioner with low energy consumption of which you can discover all the features and price by clicking on the link Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8.

Portable 9800 btu air conditioner with 940 watt/h consumption: we recommend Pinguino Pac n87 Silent

As read from the title above, increases the power (9800 btu, then appliance suitable for rooms of 30 square meters) but increases only slightly the consumption, since we are faced with the portable air conditioner Delonghi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent belonging to the energy class A. Air conditioner not excessively noisy (equipped with sleep mode) and whose operation can be adjusted via the timer h12.
And if you want to know more click on Pinguino Pac n87 Silent.

Portable 10000 btu air conditioner with 700 watt/h consumption: we recommend Pinguino Pac ex100 Silent

Compared to all other portable air conditioners, the Pinguino Pac ex100 Silent is a class A++ appliance. This means that it is one of the most energy-efficient air conditioners. In fact, the estimated consumption of only 700 watt hours is a testament to that. However, it is an energy-efficient portable air conditioner that also proves to be very technologically advanced, as you can find out by reading our in-depth review (click on the Delonghi Pac ex100 Silent Penguin to read it).

Portable 10000 btu air conditioner with 900 watt/h consumption: we recommend Dolceclima Silent 10

The portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10 not only boasts a maximum consumption of less than kw, but also thanks to the low noise level(38 decibels) proves to be among the quietest packaged air conditioners on the market. Obviously, a minimum noise will always be heard, this is inevitable.
Olimpia Splendid product that we also appreciated for other features, as you can read in the appropriate review (click on Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 10 to view it).

Portable 11000 btu air conditioner with 950 watt/h consumption: we recommend Pinguino Pac An112 Silent

With the Delonghi Pac An112 Silent you can cool a room of up to 35 square meters and the consumption is still below 1000 watts. The energy class is A+ and compared to other packaged air conditioners the operation is programmable throughout the day (thanks to the 24h timer).
And to find out everything about this Delonghi portable air conditioner, you can read the full review by clicking on Pinguino Pac An112 Silent.

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