Portable air conditioner without external unit: models, features and benefits

Can’t install a stationary air conditioner?
You don’t like the idea of a portable air conditioner with a condenser to be placed outside?
Then, you won’t be able to do without the portable air conditioner without an outdoor unit (also called monoblock).
This special appliance has a compact structure that contains the condenser inside. Thus, there is nothing to place on your balcony. You will only have to pass the tube through the window leaving it ajar (not recommended) or making a hole in the glass (the most popular solution) or buying a sealing cloth (less laborious method of the photo).
Having said that, from the next paragraphs we will deal with the models, the features to watch out for and the advantages.

Best air conditioners without external unit: purchase advices

In the next few sub-sections, we will describe what we believe to be the best three portable air conditioners without an outdoor unit. In addition to reading our descriptions, you can also see the price and opinions of those who have already bought the products we recommend (to do so, just click on the links we provide).

Best portable air conditioner without external unit 7000 btu for a room of 20 sqm

The model chosen with a power of 7000 btu is the Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2G, of which we appreciated the good value for money. Among its functions stands out the possibility of being able to use it also as a fan and dehumidifier. In addition, thanks to the 24-hour timer you can program its operation.
We also liked it aesthetically and invite you to discover the design (and more) by visiting this site, where you can proceed with the purchase, if interested.

Best portable air conditioner without outdoor unit 9000 btu for a room of 25/30 sqm

The Trotec PAC 2610 E is more powerful than the previous Klarstein model and also for this reason we recommend it for rooms of up to 30 square meters (to be evaluated, as always, the level of insulation of the room). This is also an air conditioner that can be used as a dehumidifier and fan, and among its functions it boasts a timer and night mode. However, this mode does not ensure complete silence at night, so you may not be able to stand the slight noise produced by the Trotec Pac 2610 E.
Interested in learning more about this air conditioner?
Then you can click here.

Best 9000 btu portable air conditioner without outdoor unit for 40/50 sqm room

With the Trotec PAC 4100 E you are dealing with a really powerful air conditioner, a whopping 14000 tu. You can cool a room up to 50 sqm but this also depends on the level of insulation, of course.
Compared to the other recommended models, beyond the different power, there are not many differences. In fact, even in this case the product also works as a dehumidifier and as a fan and is equipped with a timer function.
Class A appliance and a price[find out here] that we think is really good considering that it is a 14000 btu air conditioner.

Packaged air conditioner: features to pay attention to!

Portable air conditioners without an external unit can be equipped with various functions. In the following sub-sections we will describe the most common ones and we will also focus on some technical features that you should consider before purchasing.

Timer: useful function for time management

Among the most common functions is a timer that allows you to manage the switching on and off of your portable air conditioner. However, remember that the same is not always adjustable for 24 hours, for some models the minimum time can even be less than 10 hours. Therefore, in this case you would not be able to manage the operation of the appliance for the whole day.
Among the models with a 24-hour timer we recommend the Trotec PAC 2000 E.

Sleep: useful for night-time use

The sleep function ensures a lower noise level. However, not all models guarantee excellent silence and among the less noisy models we recommend Pinguino Pac Ex100 Silent.
Remember that a packaged air conditioner will always make some noise because the condenser is inside the main unit.

The importance of the btu

Depending on the power of the air conditioner, the final purchase price will change. The least expensive models, usually, are those with 7000 or less btu, instead when you already have more than 10,000 btu of power you’ll find more expensive products.
Thebtu are the first parameter that influences the final price of a portable air conditioner, then obviously each brand adds its own by introducing new technologies and more advanced features.
You don’t know how powerful the right portable air conditioner should be?
Read our article: “Calculation of btu needed to cool a room“.

Portable air conditioner without external unit: advantages

This appliance is called monoblock because everything is concentrated in a single unit, without the need to use other bases to be placed outside your room. The first advantage already jumps to the eyes. All that’s left, then, is to take care of all the other benefits you’d have with your portable air conditioner without an outdoor unit.

Costs less than a stationary unit!

Sometimes the purchase of an air conditioner becomes necessary, but the expense exceeds the budget that we had set. And it is precisely this last factor that we want to talk about.
How much does a quality fixed air conditioner cost?
A lot, that’s for sure. Unless you don’t want to buy an appliance of much lower quality. That’s where the difference lies. The money you would spend to buy a poor quality air conditioner, you could spend it to buy a portable air conditioner without external unit of good quality (such as Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Nano Silent). And there are no extra costs either, since you don’t need technicians to install portable models.

More portable than even the air conditioner with an outdoor unit!

There’s another feature you won’t find in a stationary air conditioner. The latter doesn’t allow you to move it from one room to another in the house, unlike your portable air conditioner without an outdoor unit. Just have a window in the room (you have to run the hose through) and you can benefit from its coolness wherever you want. An advantage you can’t have with a fixed model.
And compared to portable air conditioners with an outdoor unit, moving it is even easier since there is no external condenser.

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