Portable air conditioning: discover the advantages

Portable air conditioning?
Isit possible that you can take your air conditioning with you?
Now you can, thanks to the portable air conditioner.
This innovative appliance allows you to have the cool or hot, always within reach in any room you want to move. An advantage you wouldn’t have with a fixed air conditioner.
But before we see all the advantages ofportable air conditioning, let’s find out about the two types:

  • Portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit: this air conditioner is called a split because it has two units. An indoor base and an outdoor “case” that you can place on your balcony. The two units are connected by a pipe that must pass through the window.
  • Portable air conditioner without an external unit: this is an air conditioner called monoblock because its operation is contained in a single unit. An appliance with a small hose that can be passed through a semi-open window (without having to drill a hole in the glass).

Portable air conditioning without or with an external unit: the advantages

Whether you choose air conditioning without or with an outdoor unit, you are sure to have some major advantages over a stationary air conditioner.
The very first advantage: if, for example, you want to cool the bedroom first, you can take your air conditioner with you (this is easier to do with an air conditioner without an outdoor unit, of course). If the second room to be cooled is the kitchen, you can once again move the air conditioner, which is impossible with a fixed model.
The second advantage: we put it second, but actually it would be a tie with the first one. A portable air conditioner costs less than a fixed air conditioner and you have no installation costs. Ready to use immediately. You plug it in, run the hose through the window and it starts cooling your home immediately.

Portable air conditioning: pay attention to consumption and brands

Portable air conditioning is one of the most useful benefits in summer (as we have seen above) but it is also an advantage that involves a not inconsiderable expense. This expense varies according to the type and characteristics of the portable air conditioner chosen. However, it is not only the “lowest price” that should be considered. When choosing a portable air conditioner, you should also take consumption into account.

With a portable air conditioner that costs little but consumes a lot of energy, you would not have solved anything in terms of savings. What you have saved, you will spend later with interest. That’s why our advice to you is to go for a portable air conditioner exclusively. This savings class ensures net energy savings. and for even more savings, you can opt for AA class air conditioners and AAA class air conditioners.

The last recommendation (which you will be free to follow or not) is to choose only quality brands. Brands such as: De Longhi, Argo, Comfee, Trotec, Klarstein, Electrolux and Olimpia Splendid are absolutely reliable.

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