Portable battery air conditioner: types and recommended models

Not only in the house, but also when we are in the car or simply outdoors we can feel the need for a portable battery-operated air conditioner that can give us a bit of freshness. Of course, you shouldn’t expect great performance from these devices, because they are certainly not able to cool optimally even the interior of the car.
So what is their utility?
The utility is the same as that of a fan (on the other hand, some models are, as we will specify in a few lines). As a result, we will only benefit from a little cooling if we are close to the air conditioner. An alternative solution to the air conditioning of the car or simply an ideal solution when, outdoors, it is hot even if you are in the shade. And rather than using the fan, you can use a portable battery operated air conditioner that doesn’t require any movement on your part.

Portable battery operated air conditioners: types and best models

Commonly these cooling systems are called portable battery-operated air conditioners, but it should be noted that (depending on the type of operation) they are either fans or evaporative coolers (the latter give off cooler air).
And in the next sub-sections we will point out the best models belonging to these two types.

Best battery-operated portable fan: the small personal fan Sko-Fan blk

We recommend Sko-Fan blk because not only does it allow you to enjoy a bit of personal cooling, but you can also use it to charge your mobile phone or other electronic device (in which case it acts as an emergency battery). Plus, it’s so small that you’ll have no trouble finding a place for it in a camping backpack (it can even fit in your pocket).
It can be used at three different speeds and the maximum operating time depends on the speed you use (which is around 6/12 hours). Also, you don’t need to buy batteries because it is a rechargeable portable air conditioner (estimated recharge time of 4 hours).
Safe to use because there are no external blades.
“But how much does it cost?”
The price and also the opinions about this battery operated portable fan you can find out here.

Best portable battery operated water cooler: the Mini Cool Cooler

In spite of the previous battery-powered portable air conditioner (which is specifically a fan) this time we are dealing with an evaporative cooler. Unfortunately there is often confusion between these two types, calling them the same, when in fact they are very different products. In fact, in this case the Air Cooler works by soaking a sponge with cold water which we will then put inside the device. The air, since it also passes through the sponge, will come out cold.
Product with a mini design (you can hold it in your hand) and “nice” thanks to the smiley face[click here and discover its design and price]. And it’s also rechargeable thanks to the usb port.
Of course we can’t expect great performance, but only personal well-being.

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