Portable ductless air conditioner: what it really is, prices and benefits

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to cool one or more rooms in your home with an air conditioner that doesn’t require the exhaust pipe to be run out of a window?

That would be absolutely fantastic, but that is impossible. There is no such thing as a true portable air conditioner without a hose.
Then why do we hear so much about a ductless air conditioner?
Because in reality, the appliance being referred to is nothing more than a cooler.

Best cheap portable ductless air conditioner: Niklas Icewind

If you don’t want to spend too much on buying a packaged ductless air conditioner, then among the best proposals on the market is certainly the Niklas Icewind. A really low price[as you can evaluate here] for a cooler that however convinces for its good “cooling performance”. The two-liter tank allows a continuous operation of about 4 hours (this also depends a lot on the ventilation speed used, if maximum or minimum).
Air conditioner that can be managed only by interacting with the control panel (there is no remote control) and is not recommended for use in the bedroom. Despite the ability to switch to a minimum speed (three ventilation modes) it is still not quiet enough.

Best portable air conditioner without a tube from the long use: Black+Decker BXAC5E.

If you don’t know what a cooler is, the term “long use” may sound a little strange to you. Well, by that we mean that the Black+Decker BXAC5E with its 5-litre tankcan be used continuously for more hours than models with a smaller tank. So, you will have to refill it less times with water or ice (the tablets).
Certainly compared to the Niklas cooler described above, the Black+Decker lasts twice as long.
This product is appreciated because it is not bulky(only 60 cm high and 30 cm wide) and is easy to use thanks to the intuitive buttons on the back of the device. Even more appreciable is the price which you can find out here.
We would like to point out that the Black Decker BXAC5E is not equipped with a remote control.

Best portable ductless air conditioner with remote control: Klarstein Whirlwind

There is one feature in particular that we left the Klarstein Whirlwind portable ductless air conditioner for last. That feature concerns the ability to remotely manage the cooler. That’s right, with the other two models mentioned above this was not possible. You were forced to interact with the control panel, instead, with the Klarstein Whirlwind no. Thanks to the remote control (included in the purchase package) even from the couch at home you can control the power off or on (and not only).

Without a tube, yes, but not a real air conditioner!

Do not confuse a cooler with a portable air conditioner, as only the former are not equipped with a tube and only the latter are really able to cool the room. Coolers only have the task of giving immediate relief thanks to a cold breeze, but they do not cool like an air conditioner.

Therefore, for cooling the home environment the best solution remains that of the air conditioner without an external unit and perhaps you can opt for models equipped with a small flexible. Even if small though, you have to pass the hose through the window or with a hole to the glass or you could use a sealing sheet.

Portable air conditioner without hose: the advantages

What are the benefits of a portable ductless air conditioner?
This will be the question we will answer in this paragraph. There are so many advantages that you can have with your portable ductless air conditioner (which, let’s not forget, is still a cooler) that we’d better start listing them now.

No installation costs!

The first advantage concerns the economic and logistical aspect. The portable air conditioner without tube does not have to be installed on the wall. You won’t have to move the pictures on the wall of your house to make room for your portable air conditioner. This appliance sits comfortably on the floor and does not need any installation. All you need is an electrical outlet to plug it into and your portable air conditioner will start working right away. There is no need to call in any experts.
This advantage means you save money. If you live in an apartment building, you won’t have to check whether it is possible to install your air conditioner (you know, there are always some neighbors or a public issue that might prohibit the installation of a fixed air conditioner).


The war against fixed air conditioners is now officially on. To show you that even in this case the victory is of the portable air conditioner without a tube, we must go to touch a very sensitive button, for each of us. We are referring to the economic aspect. An air conditioner costs quite a bit, the cooler also boasts affordable prices, as demonstrated here.

No holes in the windows!

The portable air conditioner has a tube that must be passed through a window. And there are only three ways to pass it through: either you drill a hole in the window or you leave it ajar or you use a sealing sheet.
In the first case, it’s better to have a professional drill the hole, otherwise, in addition to risking injury, you also risk compromising the glass. In the second case, the only defect is derived from the fact that leaving the window ajar, you let in hot or cold air. In the third case, the hole should be made only in the cloth and not in the glass. Certainly, it could be annoying to have to perform one of these three operations.
And then, you just have to evaluate more and more positively, the portable air conditioner without a tube. (aka cooler). Thanks to this appliance you can say goodbye to holes in the windows because, since it doesn’t have a tube, you won’t have to open and break anything.

It doesn’t pollute!

Among the many advantages there is also respect for the environment. The portable air conditioner without a tube does not have any external exhaust pipe and therefore pollutes much less. Respect for nature is assured. So, if you are looking for an appliance that fully does its duty and that is also environmentally friendly, you cannot do without buying a portable air conditioner without a tube.

Portable air conditioners without hose and without external unit: features and functions

We have been able to admire the advantages of the portable air conditioner without a tube, now we just need to see the different features. Obviously, the first feature is just that: no condenser to be placed on the balcony and no hose to be passed through the glass of a window.

Ionizer filter: indispensable

Some models, as mentioned, are equipped with an internal water condenser. Precisely for this reason you need the ionisation filter that will eliminate all bacteria, all organic and inorganic chemical substances, detergents, viruses and anything else that could be harmful in the water.
The ionisation filter is absolutely necessary and your portable air conditioner without tubes is equipped with it anyway.

Display and touch screen: for greater ease of use

How do you manage the various settings of your portable ductless air conditioner?
Simple, thanks to the display with touch screen controls. The displays are easy to read and understand. You won’t have any difficulty in setting up the operation of your portable ductless air conditioner. In addition, some models also come with a remote control for added convenience. You will be able to operate your portable air conditioner without getting out of bed, allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved rest and complete relaxation.

Timer and Sleep Function: useful for “managing” your bills

Some models are equipped with a sleep function, which consists in a low noise level of your portable air conditioner (combined with a lower power) that will allow you to rest without having to hear any annoying noise. In addition, you could also set the Timer function to let you decide when the portable air conditioner should turn on or off. For lower energy consumption. With the Oneconcept CTR-1 V2, for example, you have a 9-hour timer.

Portable ductless air conditioners: low prices too!

We’ve seen the different features and benefits. You’ve been able to see how affordable a portable ductless air conditioner is, now all you have to do is find out whether or not it’s cost-effective. Well, coolers usually cost less than a classic portable air conditioner, thus being cheaper and we want to show you here the price of a really cheap model.

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