Portable hot and cold air conditioner: buying advice and more

Do you need a portable air conditioner not only for the summer, but also for the winter?
Then, don’t miss out on the portable hot and cold air conditioner, the appliance with a double function. You will benefit from coolness in summer and warmth in winter. With the added advantage of being able to move the air conditioner to any room in your apartment.
Cold and heat will be a thing of the past.
All that’s left to do is to choose the model that’s right for you, but we’ll help you with that and give you more useful information.

Best portable air conditioners with heat pumps

To help you choose the best portable heat pump air conditioner, we’ve already selected two models that have convinced us more than others. And of these two appliances you can read a brief description below (via links you can check their cost).

Best 10000 btu heat pump portable air conditioner: Electrolux Exp26U538Hw

Among the 10,000 btu air conditioners, we chose Electrolux Exp26U538Hw. Model that in addition to providing dual functionality, does not consume excessively(energy class A+) and boasts many useful features. Among which we can not fail to mention the timer to program the on and off, remote controls (thanks to the special remote control) and self-diagnosis to detect any anomalies.
And to learn even more we invite you to click here.

Best 14000 btu hot/cold portable air conditioner: Dolceclima Air PRO 14 HP

Olimpia Splendid 01918 Dolceclima Air PRO 14 HP is part of the class A (cooling) and A+ (heating) appliances and boasts the motorized flap in order to spread the air more evenly. To highlight how the air conditioner uses the ecological gas R290.
Even this air conditioner can be managed remotely via remote control and thanks to the Silent function you can reduce the noise.
More info and opinions on the Olimpia Splendid 01918 Dolceclima Air Pro 14 HP can be found here.

Best portable air conditioner with ductless heat pump: Newteck

No hoses to run out the window, that’s the benefit of the ductless heat pump air conditioner. And among the models that have convinced us most for value for money we mention the model of Newteck. A device that you control remotely thanks to the remote control and that moves easily thanks to the 4 wheels. In addition, you can also use it only as a fan by choosing between 3 modes of ventilation.
This product is reasonably priced[as you can see here], but you should not expect cooling and heating performance comparable to that of a split or monoblock (with tube) air conditioner. Since it is specifically an evaporative cooler.

Portable cold/hot air conditioner with external unit or without: the differences

Do you want a more powerful and quieter portable air conditioner?

Then, you won’t be able to do without a portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit. You’ll only have to run the hose through the window to enjoy its benefits, but it’s certainly a slightly less portable product because you have to move the condenser as well.
Do youwant a portable air conditioner that has everything in one unit?
Then, you won’t be able to do without a portable air conditioner without an outdoor unit. In this case, there’s no condenser, so it’s much easier to move it around, but on the downside, they’re the slightly noisier models.
The hose has to be run outside the room in both cases.

Portable hot-cold air conditioner without a hose: the advantage can turn into a “disadvantage”!

The portable heat pump air conditioner without a hose gives us the great opportunity to have nothing to do with hoses anymore. No hole in the window and no need to buy a sealing sheet.
Excellent, if it weren’t for the fact that the performance of these products cannot match that of air conditioners with a hose. This is because, as also specified above with the Newteck model, they are evaporative coolers and not “real” air conditioners. But in common language they are now called portable air conditioners without a tube.

Consequently know that: a hot-cold cooler will not heat the room like an air conditioner. We can compare it to a fan that shoots warm air, but nothing more.
So, you have to ask yourself this question before buying:
“Do you need a device that effectively heats the room or a device that mainly heats you with its warm breeze?”.
From the answer to that question do you think the hot cold cooler is the ideal purchase? Then consider this offer.
Do you find an air conditioner with heat pump more ideal? Then consider this offer.

Portable air conditioner with heat pump: how does it work?

We’ve already specified what a portable hot and cold air conditioner is for. All that’s left is to describe how it works.
The operation is very easy to explain. This is because these air conditioners are equipped with the heat pump which allows it to spread heat inside your home environment. This is by acquiring heat from outside.
So, if you don’t want to install an expensive pellet stove or want to heat a room that is colder than others, the portable air conditioner with heat pump is right for you.

Portable hot cold air conditioner: when is it worth buying?

The portable hot cold air conditioner has a higher price than a simple air conditioner. There’s no denying this, as you’ll have dual functionality (you won’t just be using it in the summer, but also in the winter).
The evaluation of your needs is fundamental.
If you already have a good heating system and you only need to heat a small room (but not to cool it because you might move house in summer, for example) then getting a portable air conditioner with heat pump is useless. On the contrary, if that same room you want to both heat it in winter and cool it in summer, then the portable hot-cold air conditioner becomes a necessity.

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