Quiet portable air conditioner: buying tips (and more)

Nice to rest in the summer in a well-chilled room, isn’t it?
It wouldn’t really be the best, sleeping in a bedroom more like a sauna, to avoid that you opt to buy an air conditioner.
But if the air conditioner is noisy you would only have the benefit of the cool room, but you wouldn’t have a way to close your eyes. That’s why you need the silent portable air conditioner. Of course, if your partner snores at night, you obviously won’t know silence (noisy air conditioner or not).

What is the quietest portable air conditioner?

The quietest air conditioners are those with an outdoor unit. Except that there is the inconvenience of having to install the condenser outside, so it is necessary that the window through which the turbo passes overlooks the balcony.
With portable split air conditioners there will be no noise in the room because the condenser (which is the unit that causes the noise) is outside and among the best models we recommend the Trotec Pac 4600 which, thanks to its power of 14500 btu, is suitable for rooms up to 40/50 sqm.
And if you want to know more about this air conditioner you can click here.

Quiet portable air conditioners: recommended monoblock models

If you do not have the possibility to install the condenser outside, then the only solution is to opt for the monoblock air conditioners, but they are the noisiest ones. This is because it is all encompassed in one unit and installing them in the bedroom is usually not a great idea if you are a light sleeper.
However, for those who are not too light sleepers and can tolerate the slightest noise (certainly not the din) then we have a few models to suggest.

Silent air conditioner for a room of 25/30 square metres: we recommend Pinguino Pac N87

Among the most silent single-block units is the De’Longhi Pac N87. This appliance can also be used in night mode (specifically for the night). Minimum noise level of 48 db.
Thanks to the remote control you can manage it comfortably while you are lying on the bed, so you will never have to get off the same one to turn it on, off or change some other setting.
The power of the air conditioner is 9800 btu (therefore suitable for rooms of 25/30 square meters) and we invite you to discover all the other info by clicking on Pinguino Pac N87.

Silent air conditioner for a room of 35/40 square meters: Olimpia Silent 12

With an estimated minimum noise level of only 38 db, the Olimpia Silent 12 proves to be one of the quietest models on the market. However, let’s say that this level seemed too low compared to the actual noise level of the air conditioner, which however proves to be not too noisy. Reason why it is recommended for use in the bedroom.
Air conditioner more powerful than the model previously described thanks to a power of 12000 btu that makes it suitable for rooms up to 35/40 square meters. And to learn even more click on Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Silent 12.

Silent air conditioner with low energy consumption: Pinguino Pac AN112

If you are looking for a portable air conditioner that is quiet and also consumes little energy, then we recommend buying the De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent. A class A+ air conditioner (consumption less than one kW/h) and with a noise level of 63 db. A level that can be compared to a normal conversation between two people.
Among other features, we point out the 24-hour timer and the use of ecological gas R290.

How quiet does a portable air conditioner have to be?

If you opt for a portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit, you will certainly never go wrong, given the advantage already described of having an external condenser. On the other hand, the risk of buying a noisy product is very high for portable air conditioners with a monoblock unit. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the noise level and then “hope” that what is declared on the data sheet corresponds to the exact truth. Unfortunately (for various reasons) a product labelled as silent is not always so.

Generally an acceptable noise level is 60/63 db, but the maximum comfort is obtained with lower parameters.
And in the list below we want to help you understand how human beings perceive a given decibel level. We will do this with examples.

  • Highest quietness at 20/30 db: level of perception comparable to the rustling of leaves or the slight buzz in the library. So, a very low noise, it’s a pity that there are no portable air conditioners as quiet as this today.
  • Good quietness at 40 db: level of perception comparable to the noise of a fan on, so we would be in a situation certainly noisier, but not yet so annoying.
  • Tolerable noise level at 50/60 db: level of perception that can be compared to a conversation, so this is where the “personal side” comes in. In other words: if you are a light sleeper, it is very likely that a 60 decibel air conditioner cannot be installed in your bedroom.
  • From 70 db upwards, the noise level is no longer tolerable. In this case, the air conditioner would be just as annoying as rush hour traffic, trucks or airplanes – in other words, you wouldn’t be able to sleep. Unless you have no problem falling asleep even at 00:01 on New Year’s Eve. Then it’s obvious that you don’t care about noise at all.

Quiet portable air conditioner: discover the sleep function!

The portable air conditioner usually has a function that allows you to stop the fan to reduce the noise level, or the sleep function. That is, the sleep function.
However, we must specify that this function does not always bring great benefits in a monoblock air conditioner. The noise level is reduced a bit, but certainly not completely. Therefore, don’t expect the miracle that the appliance can become absolutely silent because this cannot happen. Since, as we pointed out earlier, there are no 20/30 db air conditioners yet.

Silent portable air conditioners: “noisy” prices?

Generally speaking, a silent portable air conditioner is certainly not cheap, but this ultimately applies to every air conditioner, regardless of whether it is noisy. So, we can certainly say that: if on the one hand the appliance allows you to rest thanks to its quietness on the other hand the price makes enough noise.

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