Radialight cooler: everything about the models of this Italian brand

Radialight, an Italian company already widely known in the field of home heating, is also very appreciated for what concerns home cooling. And in our article we want to bring to your attention the evaporative coolers of this brand. Appliances erroneously also called “portable air conditioners without tube” (as repeatedly stated in our site). Not so much for the wording “tube-less” (absolutely true), but for the wording “air conditioner” that clashes a lot.
In the next paragraphs we’ll discover everything about the Radialight cooler, so you’ll have the opportunity to pay attention to models, prices and features.

Radialight coolers: prices of the three models

Already interested in evaluating the prices of the Radialight evaporative coolers?

Below you will be able to focus on the economic aspect of the three models available today. In the table you can only see the cost, for the specific characteristics you will have to click on the links “Discover the offer” or you can continue reading the article where we will speak generally about all the advantages offered by a Radialight cooler.

Radialight cooler: the characteristics

The Radialight cooler represents the natural solution to fight the heat in summer. Since it emits a cold wind thanks to the water or ice that we will put in the appropriate tank. Unlike the air conditioner, it can be used in an airy environment. In your home, therefore, you can keep windows and doors open without any problem (which you should not do with an air conditioner).
However, do not expect the same cooling power of an air conditioner.

Apart from this necessary premise, we would like to point out that the Radialight evaporative cooler consumes very little (from 50 watts to a maximum of 170 watts) and is also very easy to transport since it weighs very little. For a better diffusion of the cold wind, all Radialight coolers have an oscillation function.
Depending on the model chosen the cooler can also be used as a fan, a thermo-fan and a humidifier [this is the case of the Radialight Omnicheyou can discover here]. Let’s be clear though, let’s not expect fan heater, fan and humidifier performance on par with what products made just for this purpose can offer.

The capacity of the reservoir determines how long the appliance will last and among the models that last the longest is the Radialight Aer Pro(reservoir of 30 litres, a sort of record) which you can discover here.
All the coolers can be managed from a distance thanks to the remote control (supplied) or you can manage them by interacting with the practical LED display with touch controls. There is also an anti-dust filter (easily removable and washable) so that only pure air is diffused in the environment.

You can choose the power (low, medium and high). There are also three operating modes: continuous, natural (alternating the three different speeds so as to recreate almost the same effects of the wind blowing a little hard and a little soft) and night (slowing down the power of the cooler until it turns off).
All models have a timer. Only two, however, allow you to program the operation of the evaporative cooler up to 8 hours, among them the Radialight Aer Domus[discover it here].

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