Small portable air conditioner: smaller size, unchanged cooling benefits

Don’t have much space at home?
Can’t install a fixed air conditioner due to lack of space or condominium issues?
No space problems, no installation problems, thanks to the small portable air conditioner. Its modest size reduces the footprint at home, but you will still be able to benefit from the advantages of an air conditioner. Of course, you also need to take a good look at what type of portable air conditioner you decide to buy. Types we’ll talk more about later in the article.

Small air conditioner with external unit: ideal models also for campers!

The portable air condition er with outdoor unit has a base unit that you will place inside the room you want to cool. The condenser, on the other hand, you will have to place on the balcony. It is absolutely not advisable to keep it indoors. The two units are connected by a pipe that you will have to pass through the window.
How do I pass the pipe through the window?
There are three methods: either you drill a hole (don’t become an expert if you are not, better call a specialist) and pass the pipe through, or you leave the window ajar. In the latter case, air would enter from outside, but it will not affect the operation of your portable air conditioner.
In the case of the hole in the glass, you don’t have to worry that once you remove the pipe, you will be left with a hole and that’s it. The hole will then be easy to close.
Among the various small portable air conditioners on the market, we recommend the Eurom AC2401[discover it on this site], which is also suitable for installation in motorhomes.

Small packaged air conditioner: easier to move!

The portable packaged air conditioner is the one that creates the least disturbance, given that you will have to keep it near a semi-open window (because of the hose to be blown out) but in this case there is no condenser to put outside. As a result it’s also easier to move around and among the more mini models we recommend Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Nano.

Small portable air conditioners: prices and final considerations

A small portable air conditioner takes up less space and you could place it in your living room and enjoy its advantages without your appliance being noticeable. In any case, there are designs that are really stylish and will certainly not make your portable air conditioner stand out from the furniture you keep in your living room or kitchen or any other room in your apartment.
The smallest models on the market can be as small as 36.5 x 45 x 63.5 cm. So, a height that could, in some cases, be just over a meter.

The fact that your portable air conditioner is small in size does not mean that it is less performing or less powerful. It all depends on the features of the portable air conditioner, certainly not its size.
The price of a small portable air conditioner can vary a lot from model to model and this depends on features such as power and energy rating. If, for example, you buy a small portable air conditioner of class A++, you will definitely have to spend more than a class B appliance.

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