The best portable air conditioners: choose the best for you

Looking for the best portable air conditioners?
Then, all you have to do is keep reading so you can discover the best portable air conditioners. We have chosen them and divided them by “categories”. By the way, of some models, you will also be able to read a special review.

Best portable monoblock air conditioner: low price range

Among the low-end models (which however, undeniably, do not cost little) we point out the Trotec Pac 2610 E. Portable air conditioner from 9000 btu that can also be used to dehumidify the environment or as an air fan. In addition, there are timer (to program start up and shut down) and sleep (to make it a little less noisy at night) functions.
And if you want to know more about the features of the Trotec Pac 2610 E (and also the price) you can click here.

Best portable packaged air conditioner: mid-range price range

At a lower price range than the previous one, we find De Longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent. An appliance capable of being used not only as an air conditioner, but also as a fan and dehumidifier. It has both a Sleep and a Timer function (so you can set the switch on and off).
To learn more, we invite you to read the review by clicking on De Longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent.

Best portable packaged air conditioner: medium-high price range

The best portable air conditioner without an outdoor unit, which we chose, is Trotec Pac 4100 E.
What did we like about this appliance?
The three functions in one. Not only does it cool, but it can also dehumidify the room and ventilate it. As a fan there are three speeds to choose from.
It can also be operated remotely, thanks to the presence of the remote control and with the timer you can manage the operating time. Speaking of operation, you will certainly be pleased to know that this is a class A air conditioner.
The power of 14000 btu makes it suitable even for rooms of 40/50 square meters.
Would you like to know more info about Trotec Pac 4100 E?
Then, please click here.

Best portable silent air conditioner

The best silent air conditioner can only be a split model, since this is the type that allows you not to hear any kind of noise at night. And among the models with an outdoor unit, we have chosen Trotec Pac 4600.
Appliance that boasts a convenient display to view the various parameters set (they can also be adjusted remotely with the remote control). It not only cools your home, but is also ideal as a fan and dehumidifier.
You will also be able to take advantage of a 24-hour timer so you can set the split air conditioner to turn on and off.
The cooling capacity is 14500 btu and, as a result, it is suitable for rooms up to 50 square metres.
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Best cooler

People often go in search of a hose-less portable air conditioner, when in reality, however, air conditioners must necessarily have an exhaust hose. The only such appliance that doesn’ t need an exhaust pipe is the evaporative cooler. Similar to a fan, but with a higher cooling power thanks to the addition of ice or cold water in the special compartments.
Which is the best cooler chosen by us?
The best for us is Argoclima Polifemo. It not only cools the environment, but also purifies the air thanks to its double filtration system.
You can choose from three ventilation speeds. You can set the timer to turn it on and off, and you can control it remotely with the remote control.
We also find the price[which you can find out about here] particularly advantageous.

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