Trotec Pac 2000 E: Set both power on and power off

Are you often away from home and when you come back you would like to find a cool environment?

Then, you need to buy a portable air conditioner that has a 24-hour timer function, such as the Trotec Pac 2000 E.
What does the 24-hour timer functionconsist of?
It consists of the possibility of setting how long it should turn on or off. If you have to go out for work and plan to be back at 4pm, just calculate the hours until that time and the Trotec Pac 2000 E will start at the desired time to keep the room cool. The same can be done for shutdown. If you prefer it to stay on for only three hours, you can simply set the timer that will make it turn off once the time is up.
Convenient, isn’t it? And you still haven’t seen all the other features present in the Trotec Pac 2000 E portable air conditioner.

Trotec PAC 2000 E

Trotec PAC 2000 E

  • Cooling capacity: 2.1 kW (7,200 Btu)
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 65 m³
  • Timer function (24h) and temperature selection on digital display
  • Class A
  • Machine type: monoblock room air conditioner

Use it also as a dehumidifier!

You don’t have to use your Trotec Pac 2000 E only as a portable air conditioner. You’ll also be able to use it as a fan, just to enjoy a nice blast of fresh air (with the adjustable air speed) or even as a dehumidifier. This, to significantly lower the humidity in your home. In addition, you can also set the direction of air output.
So you have three functions in one machine, and there’s no end to the functions available. Below you will discover all the others, click here instead find out now if the Trotec Pac 2000 E is still available.

  • Refrigeration capacity of 7000 btu (2.1 kw).
  • The maximum air flow rate is 330 m³/h.
  • The maximum electricity consumption is 790 watts.
  • We are talking about an ecological product, because it uses refrigerant gas R 410 A.
  • Maximum noise level of 65 db.
  • The exhaust pipe to be placed outside, measuring 1.5 meters, with a diameter of 142 mm.
  • You can set the various functions either through the control panel with a special display (present on the machine) or remotely, thanks to the infrared remote control.
  • Suitable for rooms of about 20 square meters.
  • Thanks to the multi-directional wheels, it will be easy to move the 24 kg weight of the portable air conditioner Trotec Pac 2000 E.
  • Dimensions: 375 x 300 x 807 mm. Dimensions to be seen in this order: length, width and height.
  • Energy efficiency class A, therefore, we are talking about a product that does not even consume much.
  • Equipped with a small discharge tube to eliminate condensation, or alternatively, the condensation is discharged into the appropriate tank, which once filled, you will have to empty.

Trotec Pac 2000E: OK, the price is right!

In the past, perhaps you will remember the famous program by Iva Zanicchi: “Ok, the price is right”, well, we used this title to describe how the selling price of the Trotec Pac 2000 E, fully respects the potential of the air conditioner. So, we are in front of a Trotec appliance that boasts a satisfactory price/quality ratio.

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