Trotec Pac 2000 S: the safe and reliable portable air conditioner

Are you looking for an effective yet safe portable air conditioner?

Then, you should read this Trotec Pac 2000 S portable air conditioner review.
We are referring to a portable air conditioner that has been tested and approved by the German certification body Tuv, which is responsible for checking the technical safety of a product. Moreover, the Trotec Pac 2000 S portable air conditioner bears the GS logo on its surface, which means that the safety certificate of the air conditioner is approved in Europe.
So, as you could have read, we are talking about a really safe appliance with a lot of certification.

Trotec Pac 2000 S

Trotec Pac 2000 S

  • Cooling capacity max. 2 kW
  • Air volume flow rate: 320 m³/h
  • Dehumidification capacity: 1 litre/h
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 26 m²
  • Energy efficiency class A

Safe and energy-saving!

The portable air conditioner Trotec Pac 2000 S can reach a maximum consumption of 700 watts, in fact, we talk about a class A energy efficiency and, as you could see in other pages of our site, the class A is one of the best savings class, for those who do not want to find unpleasant surprises in the electricity bill.
So, we have seen that it is safe (with a certificate), we have seen that it consumes little and, now, we will see all the other features. Unless you first want to check its availability by clicking here.

  • Available as both a fan and an air conditioner. And thanks to the “Auto” feature, you’ll be able to decide whether to turn on fan mode or air conditioner mode. Obviously, you will base this choice on the room temperature.
  • The air control can be set, so that it ventilates the room more evenly. Two different speeds are available.
  • The setting of the Trotec Pac 2000 S portable air conditioner can be done either through the control panel or through the remote control.
  • Cooling capacity of 7000 btu, ideal for rooms of 26 m³.
  • Also equipped with air filter.
  • Timer 24 h, to set the product on and off.
  • The multi-directional wheels make moving the portable air conditioner Trotec Pac 2000 S, even easier.
  • Maximum noise level of 64 db.
  • Also works as a small dehumidifier.
  • The diameter of the tube is 120 mm, for a length of 1500 mm.
  • The dimensions of the portable air conditioner Trotec Pac 2000 S are: 305 x 420 x 636 mm, weighs 23 kg.
  • Maximum air flow rate of 320 m³/h.

The economical portable air conditioner!

We can call the Trotec Pac 2000 S portable air conditioner one of the cheapest models on the market. So, if your budget is quite tight, this portable air conditioner without an external unit could be a great choice.
Beware though, it is only and exclusively ideal for small rooms, maximum 26 m³. For cooler air, the smaller the room you need to cool, the better.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of putting it in a medium to large sized room, this is definitely not the product for you and you would be spending your savings in the wrong way. Because, it is true that the Trotec Pac 2000 S portable air conditioner is one of the cheapest models, but for this very reason, it is not ideal for cooling rooms larger than 26 m³.

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