Trotec portable air conditioner: reliable and energy-saving models

Buying a good portable air conditioner is essential. Buying a bad one means spending your money unnecessarily and ending up with a product that doesn’t cool as well as it should. That’s why we recommend you choose only quality air conditioners from a reliable brand. To entrust the freshness of your home or office in “safe hands”. Certainly one of the brands you can trust is Trotec.
The Trotec portable air conditioner not only cools the room quickly, but also keeps an eye on electricity consumption. So, if you are looking for an efficient and energy-conscious product, Trotec air conditioner is for you. And in the next few paragraphs, we will find out the key features, models and prices.

Best Trotec portable air conditioner without an outdoor unit: Pac 2010 E

Among the best Trotec portable air conditioners without external unit we mention the Pac 2010 E. We have selected it for its good value for money. Model from 7200 btu belonging to the savings class A. Appliance from the low energy consumption (estimated at 0.8 kw / h).
Among its functions we find the Fan mode where the air conditioner regulates by itself the ventilation speed according to the room temperature. And thanks to the timer, you can choose when the air conditioner turns on or off.
There is also a night mode, so you can lower the speed and enjoy more silence. Minimum noise of 50 db that we can equate to a conversation certainly not “agitated”.
And if you want to know more about the Trotec Pac 2010 E just click here.

Best Trotec portable air conditioner with outdoor unit: Pac 4600

Without a shadow of a doubt among the best air conditioners with outdoor unit Trotec we cannot fail to mention the Pac 4600. Appliance capable of cooling even rooms of as much as 50 square meters, this is because it boasts a power of 14500 btu. In addition, it is equipped with a thermostat, so you can decide the temperature level that must be reached in the room. Not to mention the even air distribution thanks to the swing mode.
These and other features you can discover by reading the full review (click on Trotec Pac 4600 to read it).

Best Trotec portable air conditioner without a tube: Pae 21

With the Trotec PAE 21, you won’t have to deal with any hoses to run out the window, but certainly less cooling performance.In fact, the Pae 21 is definitely more effective than a fan but less effective than a packaged air conditioner or one with an outdoor unit.
Having said that, we would like to point out that this model boasts a 5.6 litre tank that you can fill with water or ice cubes. Capacity that ensures a maximum operation of 7 hours, except then proceed with a new refill of water or ice.
Very low consumption (50 watts of power consumption) and cost certainly not high[as you can see here].

Trotec portable air conditioners: the features

The Trotec portable air conditioner is very easy to carry because it is equipped with special side handles and multi-directional wheels. Moreover, it features not only the “air conditioner” function, but also the fan function (with adjustable speed) and the dehumidifier function. As you can see with the Trotec Pac 2000 S.
Depending on the model you buy, you can have a more or less powerful air conditioner. For example, if you choose the Trotec Pac 4100 E, you can even cool down a room of 40 square metres.

You can manage the portable air conditioner either through the control panel or through the remote control, for a remote control too.
A timer function is also available. If, for example, you would like to find a certain room refreshed before you come home, you could set the time to turn on the Trotec portable air conditioner before you leave. By the time you get home, the air conditioner will have already turned on, causing you to find a cool room. A feature you can find with the Trotec Pac 2000 E.

Some Trotec air conditioners, are equipped with a thermostat, which means that you are in charge of the climate in your home by choosing what temperature to set. A benefit that you can take advantage of with the Trotec Pac 2010 S.
Also worth mentioning is the “air filtration” that returnseven purer air to the environment.
Appliances that also satisfy from the point of view of energy consumption, The energy efficiency class for Trotec packaged air conditioners is A. In the models with external unit we find instead also class B appliances.

Trotec portable ductless air conditioners: the characteristics

We’ll avoid repeating a concept that has been addressed many times in our sites, so we’ll just say that ductless air conditioners are actually evaporative coolers that should be used as if they were fans (only significantly more powerful). Having specified that, Trotec models are nice to look at and can also be used as humidifiers or fans.
You can choose from multiple fan modes and thanks to the movable fins, the air is distributed evenly.
We need to highlight another difference there is between such devices and Trotec portable air conditioners with units and without, which is the price. Trotec ductless air conditioners cost less, as you can see here.

Trotec portable air conditioner: final opinion

As far as the economic side of the Trotec portable air conditioner is concerned, we can say that the models on sale boast lower costs than the air conditioners of other emblazoned brands. This is a point in favor that makes us appreciate even more this brand that competes with other emblazoned brands equaling the quality and lowering prices.

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