Zephir portable air conditioner: functions and costs

Zephir is a successful brand in the field of air conditioners, both portable and fixed. We, however, specifically, on this page we will deal only with the portable air conditioner Zephir, a real gem for ergonomics, low consumption and efficiency.
And without wanting to anticipate anything about the features, we invite you to read the next paragraphs where there will be space to view the best models of this brand.

Best portable air conditioners Zephir: prices

Now we just have to find out which are the best portable air conditioners Zephir. As you can already see from the table below, prices are clearly visible. However, if you want to know the characteristics and also want to find out if these models are still available, then you have to click on the links below the images. Or rather on “Discover the offer”.

Zephir portable air conditioner: features

Depending on the model chosen, the portable air conditioner Zephir can be both cold air and hot air. So, a double comfort for winter and summer. Of course the consumption will be different between a mode and the other and we can not expect from the “hot” function that the appliance is able to heat as if it were a radiator. This is technically impossible as they are completely different products.

Zephir portable air conditioners have an intuitive LED display. And you don’t have to interact with the control panel, the handy remote control allows you to set the various parameters even from a distance.
The Zephir are also equipped with multidirectional wheels, for an easy and comfortable transport from one room to another.
Moreover, it is very useful the Timer function for an automatic setting of the switching on and off (just like it happens with the Zephir ZRP9000C that you can discover in this site).
Available in some models the Sleep function that allows you to lower the noise level (however depending on your noise tolerance, you might not like the air conditioner in your bedroom).

Zephir portable air conditioners: final considerations

In this paragraph, all that remains is to talk about the economic aspect. Although one thing is certain: beyond the portable air conditioner Zephir you can choose, you can be sure to take home a high quality product.
Quality products yes, but at what price?
At a very competitive market cost, as demonstrated by the Zephir ZPM9000C[model you can discover here].

Be careful not to make mistakes though. That is: don’t buy an appliance without looking at the features carefully, otherwise you risk spending your money badly.
An example, so we can explain better. If you’re looking for a silent portable air conditioner, don’t think of buying one with 80 db and expect it to make you rest at night because this will never happen (80 db means that the air conditioner is noisy).
As far as power is concerned, if you choose an air conditioner with a low power compared to the square meters to be cooled, you will have just wasted your money (on this subject, we invite you to read the article calculating the btu needed).

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